"I went to see Beki after having suffered a fall on the ice. I was in a considerable amount of discomfort and my movement was quite restricted. Beki was extremely pleasant, put me at my ease and did a thorough pre-treatment assessment. The treatment itself was very effective and certainly gave me an almost immediate improvement in my range of movement and pain levels.

Clare, Brighton.


"Beki has done wonders for my back. I went to her in such pain that I was almost immobile: Within just a few sessions Beki had me moving again. Beki’s treatments have done the trick, her manner has encouraged a trusting and open conversation and her personality has been warm and friendly. She has patiently answered all my questions. I do recommend her before the pain gets too bad!"

Purna, Brighton.

user"I came to see Beki with a long history of back pain which had not got better with other treatments. I thought it might never go away! After a couple of treatments with Beki I felt I could do somersaults! I can now take long walks and play with the children. My pain levels are under control and I know how to manage my back better myself, which allows me to look forward to the weekends again!"

Sam, Brighton