Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common and can be very debilitating. It can often effect your ability to cope with your work load when suffering a painful episode. The negative effects may be holding you back from socialising, playing with your kids or staying fit and active. Research shows that Osteopathy is highly effective in the treatment and management of back pain.

At The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic you will be given a thorough assessment to evaluate problematic movement patterns and posture. Hands on treatment and exercises will give you effective pain relief and long-term benefit. We advise that you do not remain in one position for too long or you will pay for it when you go to move later. Keeping mobile with gentle stretches and rhythmic movement, like walking, will speed up your recovery time.

Back pain often effects children and adolescents. If it is your child that is complaining of back pain then having a professional assessment at The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic may be important in assisting with pain free growth and development.

Acting now and getting a rehabilitation programme in place could save you from future episodes of pain and the risk of chronic pain.