Joint Pain

Joint pain can be experienced almost anywhere in the body including feet and hands, arms and legs, back and neck. There are numerous reasons as to why a joint may become painful, including overuse from sport, underuse from a sedentary occupation, and wear and tear changes as one gets older.

At The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic expert care is offered to relieve joint and muscle pain. Through hands on treatment and advice we aim to reduce the risk of future painful episodes and minimise wear and tear changes throughout the years.

This is done by reducing mechanical overload to any one particular joint, dissipating the forces subjected to the body over a wider area. This recruits the bodies own force transference systems which exist primarily to prevent injury.

These pathways sometimes fail either because the force is too great or commonly because the body has become dysfunctional. This is why your back may twinge or ‘go’ doing a simple and easy task like picking a sock up off the floor.

Dysfunctions that can lead to such break down in the bodies ability to cope with easy tasks can be caused by tight muscles or restricted joints.

Having professional, hands on treatment at The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic can restore the bodies ability to function pain free, allowing you to do normal activities like putting your socks on in the morning without experiencing pain! It can also get you back to more challenging activities like golf or tennis.