Neck Pain

The neck is the most vulnerable part of the spine and acts like the last domino in a row, or the top brick in a column. If there are problems occurring elsewhere in the spine the neck is often thrown out of alignment to compensate for these dysfunctions. Imagine the Leaning Tower of Pisa where the disruption to the foundations is most visible at the top of the building which is clearly askew.

It is therefore important to have a full spinal assessment to divulge whether the neck is suffering as a result of abnormal posture or movement patterns elsewhere in the body.

Commonly neck pain is suffered by desk bound workers or labourers. Poor posture or overuse at work can lead to a build up of hours and hours of damaging overloading to the neck.

If you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain at work one of the first steps is to check your ergonomic desk set up and self-evaluate your sitting posture. Ideally every office worker should get up from their desk for a few minutes every hour to gently stretch and move around. When returning to your work station ensure that you are sitting well and comfortably.

If you suffer with slouched posture then often the head is forced forwards. This, along with the force of gravity which is also pulling your head forwards, makes the weight of the head an extortionate load for the neck to bear.

However, your head will not fall off! The muscles at the back of your neck and shoulders will work extremely hard to bring the head back into an alignement where you can still function i.e. see in front of you! This results in dysfunctional and continual muscular contraction which will result in stiffness and pain.

In addition, the back of your neck will be compressed, leading to a number of other problems. The back of the neck is an important junctional zone which allows nerves from the arm and head in and out of the spine.

Longterm bad neck posture can therefore lead to headaches, eye pain, arm and hand pain or a dull and heavy arm.

If you are concerned about your sitting or standing posture then a visit to The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic will provide a professional evaluation, treatment and advice.


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