The Clinic

The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic is located at Number 7 Knoyle Road, Brighton, BN1 6RB.

The clinic embodies the philosophy of osteopathic healthcare where the whole person is taken into account.

Experienced treatment and advice is provided to ensure that every patient is receiving an excellent standard of care.

Our clinic ethos is to provide a  personable approach that offers the upmost care to each of our patients.

Our goal is to relieve pain and keep it from returning. We encourage patients to learn why pain has effected them so they can actively participate in their recovery and rehabilitation process.

We ensure that our appointment slots provide adequate time for a thorough one to one session.


Disability Access

Unfortunately there are steps leading up to the front of the clinic and it has not been possible to fit a wheelchair ramp. If you would like to find an osteopathic clinic with full disability access or have an osteopath come to you for a home visit then please feel free to call The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic for help, information and assistance in finding a suitable service.