Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy is an exciting time that is hopefully an enjoyable experience for all involved. However, for many women this is effected by the onset of back, hip, rib or pelvic pain. Mechanical pain can start early in the pregnancy, even before the bump is showing. This can cause anxiety for ‘mum to be’ as there are still a lot of body changes to come.

Often it is the mechanical changes that the body has to undergo which can lead to pain. These become more exaggerated as the pregnancy progresses.

If these changes are being inhibited by tight and shortened muscles or by stiff and restricted joints, these changes will be painful and can often result in inflammation, nerve pain and muscle spasm. With hands on treatment and specific exercise these joints can be mobilised and soft tissues can be stretched and loosened, enabling the changes to the spine and posture occur more comfortably.

Back pain can also persist after labour and is often exacerbated by the new role you have to play as a parent. Carrying your baby and their travel bag, putting car seats in and out of the car, and leaning over changing tables can all become very uncomfortable when suffering with back pain.

Ensuring that your back is coping as well as possible during the pregnancy and continuing with osteopathic care after labour can reduce the risk of suffering with pain when you’ve got an energetic little one who’s learning to crawl and explore!