Sport Injuries

The Preston Park Osteopathy clinic has a wealth of experience in sports biomechanics. The expertise of  our highly qualified practitioners has helped a number of sports individuals achieve their goals.

Visiting The Preston Park Osteopathy clinic can help you get ‘back in the game’ and performing optimally. A thorough biomechanical assessment will be conducted on your visit to the clinic to asses where the root cause of the problem is stemming from. Hands on treatment and rehabilitation exercises will be given to help resolve the dysfunction.

“I am an avid runner myself and when my training was stopped by injury I felt frustrated. It was the care of other Osteopaths that got me back in my trainers and completing the Brighton marathon in 2013!

I have studied sports biomechanics with prestigious GIFT practitioners (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation). This has provided me with the skills and expertise to conduct gait analysis, sport specific biomechanical analysis and prescribe functional rehabilitation exercises which help relieve pain and improve the bodies capability to excel in its sport.”

Beki Tamkin M.Ost