Your Visit

On your first visit to The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic a thorough case history will be taken. Questions will be asked about your pain and medical history to enable an accurate diagnosis of your problem.

After the case history we will asses your posture and movement patterns. This will help us to gain an appreciation of where the root cause of the pain or dysfunction is stemming from.

You may be asked to remove some of your clothing so that an accurate assessment can be done. If you have any reservations about being in your underwear please bring some shorts or leggings and a vest top with you.

Treatment is provided on all visits to The Preston Park Osteopathy Clinic which includes soft tissue release and mobilisation of stiff joints.

Ongoing communication with your practitioner is encouraged so that you can voice any concerns or questions you may have throughout the session.

Our aim is that you leave the clinic with reduced pain levels and a better understanding of what is causing your pain. We will provide you with a management plan, a diagnosis and relevant, professional advice.